Monday, November 29, 2010

Bob Quick Weave

This was the first time that I had ever rocked a bob cut. I had always wanted too. I decided to do a quick weave front angle bob. These are photos on how I completed my bob.

What I used: Garnier Hold Hair Spray, Cantu Shea Leave In, Eco Styler Gel, Morning Glory Gro and my hair dryer. You always want to use some kind of leave in conditioner if you are using a gel to mold your hair.

These are the black tracks, which I later removed because I didnt like the texture.

This is my hair molded back.

Another picture of my hair molded, this is before the morning glory.

And this is after. Major shrinkage! Morning Glory is so thick, and drying so that is what caused that..

Applying the black tracks in the back. You will do that until you feel like you have enough of one color. (if you are using more then one color)

Still using black, I came around to the sides with it.

Another side view with the black tracks.

Ok, so I have added the brown tracks. I did a regular closure and an invisible part.

Preparing for the cut!!!

After the cut, before I bumped it.

Its me!

Another view of the bob.

So here is the bob, a week after I did it. I pulled hair over the part, but it is there.