About BMarie

Hello all! Im Bernice aka BMarie. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am slowing rebuilding the blog to reflect more then just nails. This blog will reflect all things me. It is not a niche blog, in other words, it will not fall into one category.

Ok about me, I am a lover of all things curvy fashion, shoes and nails. I have worked retail for six years before going into office work. I am thinking about going back into retail.

I like to believe I was Carrie Bradshaw in another life. When I tell you I love fashion, I really do. I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. I am obsessed with skinny jeans. I dont believe a curvy girl cant pull off or on a really great pair of skinny jeans. I do have a shoe fetish. I LOVE shoes. You will definitely see shoes on the blog. What else do you need to know....

I was adopted at 3 days old.
I am a Marilyn Monroe fan. My favorite MM movie is Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.
I am a tomboy on the inside.
My favorite current single is Elle Verner "Refill".
I married my first grade boyfriend.
I love to write (hint the blog).
I love reality tv.
I am a Kardashian fan (no judgement).
I am a Jersey Shore fan (again, no judgement).
My favorite designers are Donna Karen, Jason Wu, DVF, Patrica Fields
I did read all three Fifty Shades books....I LOVE THEM!
I have a "crush" on Christian Grey lol.
I'm goofy.
I'm ADD.

There is so much I can list, but I suspect it will come out in my blog. The one thing you should know is I am very sarcastic, you will for sure hear it in my posts. I can only hope I don't offend anyone, but you never know.

Again, thank you for dropping by the blog. I hope you enjoy it. And thanks for sticking with me. I promise to rebuild this blog into something worth reading.