Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I Am Back!!! Well Sort Of...

The blog is back..but I have some work to do to it. So stay tuned...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Book Review: Beautiful Bastard (Book #1)

My brain was on the verge of melting, it had been so long since I read a good book...well maybe not so long. Anyway a friend of mine was telling me about these books that were 50 Shades(ish). I hopped all over that and I am glad I did.

Beautiful Bastard is the first in the Beautiful series by authors Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings, better known as Christina Lauren.

The book centers around main characters Bennett Ryan and Chloe Mills. Bennett has returned home from Paris to work for the family business Ryan Media and Chloe is his intern. He is an ass, through and through. He is frank, rude, a perfectionist who can't be bother with placing phone calls or sending out faxes. She is head strong and gives it right back to him. She has her career on her mind and works hard for Ryan Media. She doesn't want anything standing in the way of her scholarship or finding a good job once her internship is done. However, when you mix hate, passion, sexual tension and a board out because nothing is as clear now as it once was. As far as the sex scenes, they were hot, not 50 hot, but hot on their own. However, if you are looking for those 50 BDSM scenes, then this is not your book. The scenes are hot, wild and rough but no neck ties or red rooms of pain.

This book is for sure a page turner. I bought this book along with Beautiful Stranger (book #2) on the 18th, it would have been done yesterday but life happens, so I finished it this morning at like five something. Everytime I had to put the book down I couldn't wait to pick it back up. If you want to stay in the realms of Christian Grey (50 Shades) or Gideon Cross (Crossfire Novels) or even a William Honor (Honor Series) then this book is where you should continue. And like 50 Shades, rumor has it there will be a movie adaptation so look out for that.

If you wanna know more about this series, the authors, the movie etc then check out the Christina Lauren website.The entire series is now available on Amazon.

Book Series Order:
Beautiful Bastard
Beautiful Stranger
Beautiful Player
Beautiful Bitch
Beautiful Bombsell
Beautiful Beginnings

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review: Nad's

I was sent a few products from Nads. Nad's is a hair removal system for both men and women. Now I will be honest, waxing scares the crap out of me. I just don't like the pain. But I figured I would give it a try and see what happens.

The products I was sent to try were the body strips, facial strips, brow shaper, bikini/underarm strips and the nose wax. I tried the underarm strips and the eyebrow shaper and here is what I thought.

I liked the eyebrow shaper. The only thing is you have to make sure the wax is "warm" enough by rubbing it in between your palms because the wax is super thick. If it's not warmed up enough it makes it kind of hard to apply. However, once I got the wax warm it was easy to apply, removing the wax and my unwanted hair was not a painful as I anticipated.

The other thing that I tired was the Bikini & Underarm Wax Strips. This was a different story. The strips are what I call a twofer. And again, you have to rub the strip between your palms in order to warm up the wax. This was painful. But again, I am not a wax kind of gal. I ended up having to go back over the areas with a razor because it didnt get all of the unwanted hair. I will say that the waxed hair didn't grow right back like the shaved hair.

Overall, the product I did use were ok. I will use the eyebrow shaper again, but I more then likely will not be making it a habit of waxing my underarms. Giving that fact that I had to go over the area with a razor anyways, I might as well just shave and deal with having to do like every other day.

Nads Hair Removal products are available at your local drugstores as well as Walmart. Product information can be found on their website

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Insidious 2: Duri Cosmetics

Duri is back with another great collection. This time for the movie Insidious 2. I've seen Insidious 1, um, wasn't a fan so I will not be seeing part two but moving on here is what I thought of the collection. Instead of going on each polish like I normally do I am gonna wrap it up into one whole review.

The exclusive collection is made up of six colors. These colors were designed to match the theme of the movie highlighting significant colors with in the film:

Lady In White- pearl white
Red Door- deep/blood red
Steel Shadows- metallic grey
Nightfall- shimmering dark blue
Shocking Twist- lime green
Into The Future- black

I challenged myself to do my NOTW using only these six colors because it had taken my so long to do the review. What I love about Duri is the consistency of their polishes. With exception to the lighter colors I never need two coats and I don't get the streak marks. However with that being said, Lady In White, did give me the streaks. So much that I didn't use it as a base color for my design. Now, with the good there is the bad, there was nothing special about this collection, I feel as though, like another one of my favorite brand, Duri repeats their colors. I mean as much as I love Duri, I don't want a collection of dupes. 

Overall, it was a decent collection. If I had to pick a favorite from the collection it would be Nightfall, simply because I love deep, dark blues. The collection is available now online at www. and retail for $6. Also don't forget to check out Insidious: Chapter 2 starring Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson, in theaters now! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Review: The WAH Nails Book of Downtown Girls

When I got the email to review The WAH Nails Book of Downtown Girls (book2) I was excited. I am a true fan of nail art and WAH Nails has not failed me yet.

Book 2 is a little more in depth than book 1. It gives more tips on how to be a successful blogger to what you should have in your nail kit. Book 2 does still offer step by step instructions on how to create their nail arts.

How easy are these nail art to recreate, I am by no means an expert and I can recreate them. Of course they are not as good as the WAH Nail girls themselves, but they I like them.

As much as I am obsessed with WAH Nails, I am a little disappointed that they are solely based out of the UK. Yes, they are a UK based company which means all their supplies are based there too and last I checked they weren't shipping to the US. Oh did I mention supplies? Yes, WAH Nails has available (to my UK readers) nail art pens/paint, sticker sheets(which some are included in book 1) t-shirts, nail wraps and of course book 1. Book 2 will be available to order worldwide on September 10th, but I am going to give you a sneak peak inside book 2 as well as which of the nail arts I am currently wearing.

Monday, July 15, 2013

H&M: Promotion!!!!

I didn't think I could love my job anymore but I do! H&M is opening a new store and the only full time sales advisor is transferring out and so her position became available and yes your girl got it!!! Yay B! I found out this past Friday. Actually me and another girl were promoted to full time. H&M is very good on internal promoting and hiring so for all you new comers, set your eye on the prize and never lose focus. I'm talking from day one, make your mark.

Now, what does all this mean? Well for starters a pay raise. Great benefits, more hours (of course), a chance to support openings, which means I could be seeing some of you!!! But the main thing, what this really means is it is now time for me to show up and show out like before but better. Full time puts you on the path of supervisor. As much of a dream job H&M is, especially if you love fashion, it is work. You can't not work. Everyone from the store manager down to the part timer is working.The key at H&M is to stand out!!!!

I am sure that this new position will come with new responsibilities so I will try and keep you newbies informed. 


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Storage Situation Pt. 2(Pic Heavy)

Ok so here is part 2 of my storage situation. Since I freed up a ton of space with my new melmers for my polishes, that gave me the opportunity to reorganize my closet as well as my little book case.

Starting with my book case. That book case was a HOT ASS MESS. My polishes were on top, then I had my tools and what not and know what here let me show you. This is before.

Sorry for the light, but you get the picture. It was a mess. But since I was able to move my polishes this is what it looks like now.

This is after. Looks good right? I love it. All I did was move somethings up on the shelf and put some of my favorite books back on the shelf. I also brought over some of my Marilyn stuff from my shoe shelf. 

Now my closet. Working at H&M has begun to allow my wardrobe to out grow my side of the closet (I share a closet with the hubs). So it was getting to the point where nothing was being folded or hung or even put away for that matter. I had this 5 drawer thing from Walmart that I threw my clothes on top of and it also housed my leggings/stockings and my under whatevers. Lol. 

This is what my closet looked like. Smh. Total embarrassment. I had books in there, my purses were everywhere on the floor, slowly creeping onto the hubs' side. The 5 drawer thing was on life support. It was horrible to say the least. But now...

Much better huh? I still don't have all my clothes in there but it looks better none the less. I like my polishes being stored away tucked inside my closet. You see those two drawers on the top, those are my leggings/stocking and under whatevers, I have decided that I am going to get those baskets (these) and put them in those and slide them into my bookcase. That way I can put my pants up there.

Anyways, that is it. All organized and what not. My next job is my bathroom closet. I'm not sure if I will document that or not. But we will see.