Sunday, December 23, 2012

Natural Hair Rant

Ok, so here is where I am on this natural hair situation. I was watching a vlogger on YT and as I was watching I just happen to scroll some of the comments. She (the vlogger) had responded to a comment about how she no longer refers to herself as “natural” because there are all these so-called rules you must follow in order to be considered a natural. So some hating ass female decided to take it personal go in on how the vlogger was mad cause people were commenting on her heat damaged hair. Mind you these vlogger has some beautiful hair.

What pisses me off is the fact that this natural hair community is full of haters. Not saying all naturals, but a great deal of them. Going natural is a personal decision. How can you make up rules for the next female’s hair. Just cause she can use product a, b and c and still have healthy hair and you can only use product “a” doesn’t mean hate.

I know FOR A FACT that you do NOT have to follow these natural hair rules in order to have healthy hair. Not only do I know from my personal experience, I have the photos to prove it. My hair has never had a growing problem. I’ve always had strong hair. Do I consider myself natural, according to the natural hair bylaws, no. I am relaxer free. Besides, I don’t associate myself with haters and people who want to do nothing but make people feel bad, and a lot of females within the natural hair community do just that.

Yes ma’am I use color (not henna), I flat iron my hair more then twice a year, I use sulfate shamps, I use cones. And what…? Because all your products are organic and mine aren’t your somehow better then me? When in for real life my hair is probably healthier then yours.

The purpose of this rant was to get off my chest the fact that life, for real life, is simply to damn short to be worried about the next chicks hair. Yes you can grow healthy hair with a relaxer, Ive done it. Yes you can have healthy hair without using 100% organic products, I have it. Get out somebody else’s life and get your own.

…and end rant.


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