Thursday, October 30, 2014

Washing Your Box Braids

So you decided that you wanted box braids as your winter protective style. Good choice btw. But once they're in, your stuck with the choice to wash or not to wash.

I have now had my box braids in for about three weeks or so and aside from my new growth, they are holding up just fine. Protective style or not, you must maintain a healthy clear scalp, but how was I to do that without making my braids look like a hot mess? Youtube of course!

Below is a vid I found on how to wash your braids without making them a frizzed out mess. It works. I also do my conditioner this way.

Check out the vid. Let me know this method works for you. Let me know if you have your own way of washing your braids without them becoming frizzy.


How To Wash Box Braids Without Creating Frizz HIG…:

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