Monday, September 24, 2012

Hair: Motions Naturally You Hydrate My Curls Pudding

Ok, so you guys remember when I originally posted about the new product line from Motions for natural hair (click HERE).  That was back in March and I am just now trying a product from the line. The product that I am using is the Naturally You Hydrate My Curls Pudding

Before I get into my thoughts about the product, let me tell you a little about it and it's claims. Per the label on the product.

Significantly increases moisturization, curl definition, shine and strength of your natural hair.*

Hydrate My Curls Pudding This salon-tested light and fluffy styling pudding with shea butter, coconut and avocado oils, hydrates, elongates and lightly defines curls, while reducing frizz, leaving it feeling soft and looking vibrantly shiny and healthy.

Directions: Can be used on wet or dry hair to increase shine and manageability. For curls: Apply a small amount and distribute evenly. Style as usual. For twists: Apply a generous amount to hair and distribute evenly. Follow with the Naturally You Define My Curls Creme to create the twists.

My thoughts are as follows: To put it plain, I don't care for this product at all. The reason why is I didnt find it to be hydrating, which is crazy cause this product took forever to dry in my hair. If I twist my hair at night, normally I can wear my twist out the next day. I found that with this product that this wasn't the case. I would twist my hair at night and the next day my hair would still be wet, and with the weather changing into fall, wet hair is not an option anymore. Once my hair FINALLY dried I would take my twists down, and my hair would feel dry. Go figure. It did not leave my hair feeling soft or looking shiny.

The product is way to light for my liking. I've never used a "pudding" before so I am not familiar with it's consistency, I just know that I have cremes that are much thicker which is what I prefer. I feel like there would be no realistic way for this product to elongate my curls because of the fact it stays wet for so long.

I didn't try the Naturally You Define My Curls, simply because I don't feel like I should have to use the whole to achieve results. I dont use all of the Shea Moisture products, but I still get great results. If you notice that asterisk (*) that is a side note on the product which says * VS non-conditioning shampoo and when used with Naturally You Conditioning MasqueAgain, which I didnt. I tried this product as a leave in, and as a styler and both times got the same dry results. Im not 100% surprised, considering I stopped using Motions brand a while ago because it wasnt doing anything special for my hair. As for definition, my twist out look like my wash n go's would. Looking at my pony puff now, it looks like a frizzy mess. I also noticed after I twisted my hair that on my roots, it looked as if the product was just sitting on top of my hair, which I've never had happen before. *side eye*.

As far as the ingredients go (if your a stickler for that), the second ingredient is mineral oil, which a lot of naturals don't like on their hair. As far as the coconut oil, shea butter and avocado oil, these are the last three ingredients, so that probably means there is not a whole lot in this product.

Anything good about this product?

Yes. The smell was really good. It lingered in my hair, probably because it was still wet. But nothing overwhelming. It is light like it claims to be. Its not pricey at all. I found this at Walgreens for about $6. The line is very affordable. You get a decent amount, it is 8 fl oz. You dont have to use a lot of the product. It doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy or sticky. 


I will not be purchasing this product again, or anything from the Naturally You line. I feel like you 100% HAVE to have all the pieces to get a great look. I should be able to mix and match and still have a twist out. For my hair, this is the equivalent of using plain water for my twists. It actually shrinks my curls just like water. The $6 price tag is not enough for me to not be able to rock my twist outs the next day. My recommendation is to try the product for yourself, even head is different and will respond to products differently.

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