Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hair: New Product Alert: Motions Naturally You

Looks as though every black hair care line is jumping on the natural train. Motions now has a natural hair line. I dont know how excited I am about trying this, only because I have not been impressed with Motions in the past. I havent seen the products in the store just yet, but believe you me I will be looking. The line comes with a moisturizing cleanser, a smoothing conditioner, a radiating gloss, a curl defining creme, a hydrating curl pudding and a deep conditioning mask. Now, it doesnt say on the Motions website whether or not the products are all natural or if the shampoo is sulfate free. It just says it is for all natural hair types. As excited as I am about all these new natural hair care lines, it makes me wonder "what took so long?" However, click on the photo to go and check out each individual product for yourself. If you have tried any products from this line, please let me know, post a comment. And I will be looking for this line and if/when I purchase it I will def do a product review. Holla!

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