Sunday, April 28, 2013

Review: Agadir Aragon Oil

I was sent about a week ago, some products from the Agadir line. Now I had never used this line prior to receiving these products. It may not be a new product line for some, but it is to me. So lets get right into this review.

The first product is the Moisture Masque. I have used this product about two times so I what I want to do is use it up and then come back and give my review on what it did or didn't do for my hair.

What this product is, is a repair masque. It is suppose to repair any damage you may have caused due to chemicals and heat styling. It has Keratin Protein, Aragon Oil and Vitamin E in it. Directions say to use it twice a week until damage is gone then you go down to once a week.

The first thing I noticed upon opening this jar is the incredible scent that it has. It smells so freaking good. Also I noticed how thick it was. By far this is probably the thickest conditioner I have ever used.  I will say this, I would not recommend combing your hair while this is in it.

Stay tuned for a complete review on this product.

This is my favorite from the products I got. I used this the first night I got it. This is the first spray I've used as far as heat protectives. Keep in mind that my hair is gone with the wind thin so serums and such really weigh my hair down. I did not have any such issues with this product.

This product is a thermal protective that allows you to use your heat tool up to 450 degrees. Now my flat iron does not ever go up that high. It protects, repairs and shines.

This product really allows for my hair to get straight. It does give some smoke, so don't be alarmed when flat ironing or blowing your hair out. I used it on both damp and dry hair no problems. My hair reverted back with not problems.

This is the Volumizing Finishing Spray. I didn't use it for volume, I used it to hold down my bangs and keep my fly-a-ways at bay when I wear my hair up in a bun. And it works great for that. Again it has a great scent to it.

Says its fast drying,gives a firm hold, humidity resistant and gives a luxurious shine. I will say that it is fast drying an the hold is firm, however it is not concrete firm meaning that you can comb through your hair at the end of the day with no problem. We haven't had a great deal of humidity, but last night we had some rain, not a down pour, but just enough that my hair should have reverted (wearing it straight), my hair that was out was still straight. So I am happy I waited to do this review so I can share that with you. As for shine, I'll say this, the other day at work my supervisor came in and was like "B, your bangs are shiny, they're like popping out there." The only thing I had put on them other then the thermal protective was the spray.

What I like the most about this spray is it doesn't revert my hair back. Hair sprays that I have used in the past for the same purpose would itself revert my hair and I can't use gel when my hair is straight. Another great thing about this spray is that is not drying to the hair.

Last but not least is the Aragon Oil. I have never used Aragon Oil, at least not alone. I've always used it in hair gels or shampoos and honestly I was not a an of those products and figured it was due to the aragon oil in it that was causing it to react to my hair like it did.

Says it will leave hair shiny, smooth, luxurious, and healthy. This oil is for me. I use it on my ends mainly and also to seal in whatever leave in I use. The scent is amazing. I will say it does leave my hair smooth and shiny.

This oil for it to appear to be as thick as it looks is not thick at all. It is actually a very light oil. My hair can only take light oils and it responds to aragon oil very well. This is def a new staple in my hair regimen. If you've never used aragon oil I do recommend you give it a try. I've read some great things about it.

When you review products the bottom line is would you use the products again and would you recommend them to a friend? Yes and Yes to these products. Compared to the products that I've used prior to these for the same purpose, these come out on top. With the exception of the Moisture Masque I use these products daily now. I even put the hubs on to the oil for his dreads.

Agadir International has many great products for all hair types. I suggest you check out the website, check out the products. From what I can tell, these products are sold in salons, there are a few places you can order online, looks like that is my only option. But hey thats ok. Lol.


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