Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hair: Mixed Silk Elements (Pic Heavy)

 So I went to Sally about a week ago and I bought this product Mixed Silk Elements. I had seen it before there and wondered if it was similar to Mixed Chicks which I love, but cant really afford to buy every time I run out.
So after some research aka surfing YT vids, I come to find out that it was comparable to Mixed Chicks. So I bought it and here is my review and how I used it.

So obvisously the first thing I did was wash my hair. The shampoo, like Mixed Chicks, has sulfate in it. So I couldn’t do much as far as detangling my hair. It got clean. It lathered well. It was shampoo. The leave in conditioner, from jump the difference I noticed between Mixed Silk and Mixed Chicks was this brand was a lot more watery. Mixed Chicks is not thick by any means, but this was really watery.
I don’t know if you can tell from the photo how watery it is. And I got major shrinkage. I get some with Mixed Chicks but not like this:
Sectioning hair
So this is me sectioning my hair and applying the leave in and you can see the moisture shrinking my hair.
This is afterwards. So I let it air dry and it was still looking like this. Now, my curls are really defined like I want them. And for the most part it acts like Mixed Chicks. The only thing is the shrinkage. But I saw a vid on YT by tarin916 on how to stretch your curls. Now she uses a blow dryer without a concentrator or diffuser. I used a diffuser and stretched my curls. I will post her vid on how to do that. Here is what my hair looks like now:
Blown out
Sorry for my phone being in my face. And yes I am rocking a Team DJ Pauly D shirt! Lol. Anyways, I love it. I will definitely be re-purchasing this brand on my cash poor days. Lol. Aside from the texture of the leave in, it is comparable to Mixed Chicks. Mixed Silk also has a deep conditioner which Sally’s didn’t have at the time I went, but I will be going back I think this week so I will pick it up. The price originally is $7.99 each, so that’s the shampoo, the deep conditioner and the leave in. However, they were having a 2 for $10, I believe that sale is still going on so it is worth picking up. So Im gonna shut up now, this post has gone on forever. Night!!!


KayJay said...

Glad it worked well for you!

Beautifully Polished Up said...

Well for the most part. I think I used too much because I ended up with white stuff in my hair.