Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hair: Relax and Go Natural

I just read this really good (IMO) article about Black American women and the reasons for going natural. Going natural is not a easy journey. This means NO more relaxers. Wow. I made the choice a year ago to go natural, now I wont lie and tell you that the first year was easy. There were days I was like, "take me to the hair store, I need a relaxer!" One year later, I am 100% natural and 100% happy I didnt got back.

I am posting a link to the article. If you are a natural, or thinking about it click and read it.
Click on the photo to read the article.


KayJay said...

Its been over 2 years for hair decision I've ever made!

Beautifully Polished Up said...

OMG! I can not wait until my 2 year anniversary. I totally agree, it is the best hair decision ever. I am loving my hair and how fast it is growing.