Monday, August 29, 2011


Being a blogger is fun. Nail polish bloggers, at least the ones I know, blog so we have a place to display our love for nail polish. We like to admire each others nail art, mani's and pedi's. So when companies take notice of our blogs, you can imagine the excitement we feel. But when the company that has contacted you turn out to be shady then that becomes a problem.

Nail De Royal is one of those shady companies. They contacted a fellow blogger and told her that they were interested in her blog and wanted to send her some products but she had to put up a link to their internet store. So she did. Product never came, but an email did saying how her page didnt contain any articles about beauty, fashion or cosmetics. WTF? To view her post click here.

Now here is where I get confused, because if you go to there page, you will see nail polishes right there on front. So the question is, what is the real reason you contacted this blogger? To get free ad space thats why. They take advantage of bloggers to gain views to their store. BLOGGERS BEWARE. Read Holly's post and if you receive ANY emails from this company DELETE them ASAP! They are shady and your samples will never come.

Nail polish is very much a cosmetic, it is very much beauty and it is very much fashion. I for one will NOT be giving these people any business. This is just something that needs to go out there to all beauty/fashion bloggers. If any of you reading this has any ad's of theirs up with the hope and promise of samples, just based off this and the out n out lie in the email that products were shipped, its safe to say you can remove the ad.

Again, click on the link to the blog post, read it for yourself. If you are a blogger or know a beauty/fashion blogger pass the word on.



Nail Designs xox said...

They asked, me I put it up and got products to review. Took a bit of time but I still got it.

B. Marie said...

Really! I guess you got lucky cause they sure did get free ad space from the blogger I was talking about. She had her's up for at least a month.

Definitely Addicted said...

Wowww, thanks for posting this!

HollyG222 said...

Wow thank you for having my back. you have no idea what this means to me!!! <3<3<3 They have done this to other people and it is not right!

B. Marie said...

@HollyG no prob. Wrong is wrong and what they did was wrong.

BlingerNails said...

They put their 'wow love your blog' and their link in my comments instead of emailing me. I deleted the comment of course, and then proceded to email them giving them an earful! No, I won't be giving them any space on my blog either.