Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hair: Conair vs GVP A Battle of the Flat Iron(Pic Heavy)

This is my very first battle of the flat iron. I have been in the market for a new flat iron for a little bit now, but couldn’t bring myself to pay a ton of money for one. So when Sally put their GVP flat iron on sale I had to jump on it.
The purpose of this battle is to put head to head higher against lower. Do you get what you paid for as far as hair appliances go? Each flat iron will be judged on the performance, style, cost. So without further ado, lets meet the opponents.
On the left is the Conair 1/2” Mini Ceramic Straighter. On the right, GVP Ceramic 1” Flat Iron. Let the battle begin.

Now to give both irons a fair shoot, I applied water to my hair to put it back into it’s natural state:
Now on to the irons.
A little background on the Conair. I purchased this from Walmart after my second Conair Satin broke. I’ve had this one for a couple years now.
Performance: The Conair does what it claims to do. It gets my hair straight and the ceramic plates leave my hair shiny and healthy looking. It heats up in no time. The only problem I have is that, it doesn’t get my ends as straight as I would like them to be. Also curling my hair is a little hard to do with the Conair.
This is after I went over it at least three times trying to spiral curl it.
Style: The style of this flat iron is curved. Im not sure why. It has a dial that goes up to 30. It has a turbo button. The outside stays pretty cool, I can hold it and move the iron without it burning my hands. The cord is about medium length. I do have problems when I go at a certain angle, the cord being that it is not real long, comes out of the wall.
Cost: This flat iron cost me about $20 plus tax. I remember when I worked at Trade Secret, this girl told me that cheap flat irons don’t last. Well this one has, I think the Satin one’s are poorly made, just because of where they’re held together, its easy for them to brake. I went through two before I bought this one.
This is the left side of my hair after I used the Conair. Its straight, but my ends are a little ruff.
Now, GVP.
This is the GVP from Sally Beauty Supply. I love pink and this flat iron is part of their Susan G. Komen products. You buy one of the specially marked items and 5% goes towards breast cancer research.
Performance: This flat iron showed up n showed out. In other words, its whats up. It glided through my hair with no problem. To me, my ends were straighter. This iron, like the Conair, heats up pretty fast. It curled my hair as well.
This is one time!
Style: The first thing I noticed was that this iron was a little heavier then the Conair. It is straight, but rounded for easier curling. It has an on and off switch and the dial goes up to 420 degrees. The cord is extra long. I had no problem with angles or anything like that. No turbo switch. It has finger grips, but the outside still gets hot to the touch. So you have to be careful.
Cost: The GVP is originally $59.99, but it was on sale for $49.99 plus I had a 15% off  coupon which isnt a whole lot, but for this and couple of other items (cheap items) with my Sally card, I paid $56 and some change. 
The right side, after I used GVP.
Performace: I have to give it to GVP. And it came down to the ends. If my ends are straight it makes no sense for the rest of my hair to be. Not realizing it was the iron, I purchased products in hopes of straighter ends. The GVP got my ends straight and smooth, I got a healthy looking shine. Lots of movement and its easy to bump my hair.
Style: This one is a tie. I like on the Conair that it doesn’t get so hot on the outside that I can use my other hand to help glide it through. But I don’t like the cord being short. As far as the GVP, I love the cord length and the beveled look. But I didn’t like that the finger grips got so hot.
Cost: This is going to Conair. Here is why, this iron has lasted a few years for only $20. Im talking hair spray and spritz and the plates not sticking to my hair. It’s a lot cheaper to replace should it brake. I cant see myself re buying a $50-$60 flat iron. Even though its worth it.
Lets tally up the points….and the winner is….
So, there you have it. My head to head battle between Conair and GVP. Like I mentioned earlier, Conair can be purchased from Walmart, both online and in the stores. And GVP can be purchased from Sally Beauty, both online and in the store and it is currently on sale.


Courtney said...

Thanks for the review. My hair is similar in texture. I have a plugged in flat-iron from Sally's, that I like but I knew there was something better. The lady tried to get me to get a GVP but I was being cheap and got the 40.00 flatiron instead of the GVP, which was only 10.00 more.

Beautifully Polished Up said...

I love the GVP. And the flip that is in my hair has lasts all day! And defined. And now is a good time to get one since they are on sale and then if you have the 15% off, its a little less. Thanks for commenting.

Conair Flat Iron said...

This is my very first battle of the flat iron. I have been in the market for a new flat iron for a little bit now, but couldn't bring myself to pay a ton of ...

Girls with Natural Hair said...

I love GVP :)