Friday, April 13, 2012

Hair: New Products!!!

So last night I went into Walgreens looking to see if they had the new Motions for natural hair. But I cam across something that caught my eye.

This is Nubian Heritiage. I have never heard of it before and there isnt to much online aka YT about it, so I am assuming it is a fairly new product. It is packaged like the Shea Moisture brand, so I thought it was a part of that collection.

They have three different collections to choice from depending on what your hair needs, the collections are: EVOO & Moringa for repair and extend; Indian Hemp & Tamanu for grow & strengthen and Honey & Black Seed for heat protection. I smell tested them all and the Honey & Black Seed was the worst. As far as what my hair needs, I will probably end up buying it since I wear my hair straight alot. I ended up buying the Indian Hemp & Tamanu Treatment Masque, because I do apply heat to my hair and because I do color my hair as well.

I havent tried this product yet, I will either be doing that tonight or tomorrow, I will come back with a review afterwards. I am very excited about it, I am even more excited about Walgreens carrying so many products for natural hair! Actually them and Target. I also picked up a new product from the Cantu Shea Butter line, which I dont have a pic of. It is the Cantu Shea Butter Natural Hair Coconut Curling Cream. You may have seen it on YT, although there is not any info on this product at all except for the two or three vids on YT. Any who, I am excited about trying that with my twists out, although I am not to sure as to why they call it coconut, given that coconut is about the fifth or sixth ingredient. Actually the second ingredient is canola oil. I mean It does have a coconut scent so we shall see.
Ok, so that was what I purchased, other then some oils, I have decided to start mixing some oils for my hair, so once I figure out a receipe I will get back at you. Look for the reviews on these new products as well as others. Until then, HOLLA!!!!!

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