Monday, December 29, 2014

My Box Braids: 2nd Installment No Bueno

Good morning beautiful people. This post is a rant, a rant about my 2nd installment of my box braids. It could get long, I will try and keep it short. First and foremost, I want to say that this has nothing to do with the person who installed them, my niece, she did a wonderful job.

Now, let get into it. Box braids are a great way to protect your hair especially during the winter months, which is what I am doing. My 1st installment went great, I kept them in for 7 weeks with no problem. I dont know what happened with this 2nd set, they lasted 3 weeks and I was over it.

I didnt do anything different this go round, but the thought of keeping them things in for an additional 4 weeks drove me crazy. My head itched like fucking crazy. I couldnt get happy with any style. I didnt have the time to refresh them, especially around the edges. It looked messy and I was done! 

Yea, I don't know, I do know that I will never have box braids again. I believe I had more breakage because of these damn braids. The only up side is my ends were good and my hair was moisturized after I took them down. And dont even get me started on the take down. It was hell and I had to employ my husband to help. A season of the Tudors later, and my hair felt like a new man out of prison. I shit you not. 

Box braids are a great protective style and one you can wear for up to two months, but I have now been reminded why I stopped getting them after 8th grade.  


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