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Unboxing : December Curlkit SPOILER

If you have yet to receive your December Curlkit and DO NOT want to have the surprise ruined for you then STOP! Do not read on any further, because beyond this point I will be going over the products in my Curlkit for this month.

If you are at this point it's because your curiosity is getting the best of you OR you're interested in Curlkit, either thanks for stopping by. Now before I go on, allow me to be clear that this is NOT a review, this is an unboxing so to speak. I just received my box today and wanted to share with you it's contents. So please don't look to this post for any kind of product review, because this is not that. However I will let you know if a particular product is not something I will be trying
Now, December's Curlkit...

P.S: this is going to be long, so grab you a pop or glass of wine and a snack...enjoy!

As you know, and for those who don't, Curlkit always comes with Curl Life. Curl Life is a booklet with very useful information. It contains tips from the Editor on the Do's and Don'ts of natural hair, product information and an article. This month's article was about Why Won't My Hair Grow? and what you can do about it.  

So now let's open the box and see what's inside:
As you can see, for those who are not familiar with Curlkit, you get a decent amount of products and for the most part you get normal sizes, which for $20, you can not beat my mama would say. So this is the kit, now let's look at each product inside...

First up is Fro Butter with JBCO. Fro Butter is designed to help with hair thickness (yes please), hair growth and health. It is always suppose to prevent shedding and thinning of your hair. The smell is wonderful, I mean I wanted to lick my seriously. When you first open the jar, it looks like it would have hard solid texture, but the texture is a creme like, maybe butter texture. Unfortunately I will not be using this product as much as I want thicker hair, simply because I have tried JBCO in the past and my scalp was not happy with me. It gave me the worst case of itchy scalp I had ever had and since this particular Fro Butter contains JBCO I will have to pass. Speaking of it's ingredients, all organic: shea butter, vegetable glycerin, pumpkin seed oil, JBCO, carrot seed oil, coconut oil, lavender oil and a fragrance. There looks to be at least 3 other Fro Butters you can try including one with peppermint oil (which I wish I had received). For more info on Fro Butter you can visit their website at

Next up is Naturalista Cosmetics Juicy Leave-In Conditioner. This was one of the sample sizes so I am not sure what is in it is stamped natural and organic and the smell is amazing. It smells like whipped vanilla frosting...can you tell I am hungry! But seriously, it smells great. It does have a whipped texture to it. It is designed to repair, condition and leave your hair healthy, strong and vibrant. Best if used daily. I am excited about using this once I take my braids out. Again there isn't a lot of info on this product since it was a sample size, however if you are interested there is a website you can visit

Moving along, next is Vivas Toasted Coconut Body Bar. Truth be told, I am a sucka for coconut oil and/or milk. Love it!!! This is a full size body bar designed to refresh the skin and help with circulation. The ingredients include shea butter, palm oil, coconut oil, and coconut milk. As well with things to make it a soap. The coconut oil and milk are like the 9th and 10th ingredient so I am not sure how much of either in is the bar. I get the shea butter smell more then the coconut. In fact I don't smell any coconut. However, that doesn't mean it can't deliver on it's promise and I will try it and let you know. Information on this product can be found on it's website 

Next is Hydracurls Nourishing Shampoo. Now to know me is to know that I don't go crazy over a shampoo. If I do, believe you me, it is something special. So I am not terribly excited about this one. Hydracurls is designed to restore moisture, give you frizz free protection and help minimize breakage. It does contain two of my favorites, coconut and jojoba oil. Although the jojoba oil is kind of at the bottom, so I dont know how much is in it. The coconut oil is the second ingredient. It doesnt have a real smell to it. It is very watery for my taste. I don't know if this is something I will be trying. We'll see. 
Next up is Blue Magic Olive Oil Herbal Complex. This is a anti-breakage protein complex, which is suppose to instantly give you shine and strength to your hair. I can tell you off top that I wsill not be using this product. I am by no means a ingredients snob, but since becoming natural I do not put mineral oil in my hair. Not to mention, my hair is fine in texture and this I am sure, will weigh it down. The smell takes me back to 7th grade, when I used to sit in class and grease my scalp back when I was relaxed. It is very green, probably from the olive oil (6th ingredient in). The texture is very creamy. If mineral oil doesnt bother you, you should check out this product as well as the others in the line at

So, moving on, next up is Sheaux Nof Naturals Crown Crème. This is a mixture of different oils and butters including shea and mango butters as well as coconut and castor oil. The smell is of the raw ingredients, maybe the shea butter. The texture is oily, it looks like snot...won't lie. I am not sure if I will be using this or not just because it is mixtured with so many oils. It is handmade to order 100% natural. If you want more info you can visit their site at and if you are really interested here is a coupon code for a free 4oz bottle CURLFR33. 
 Last but not least is Kandy Kurls Shea & Aragon Deep Conditioning Mask. This is the second product from this brand I have received.  It is designed to repair damaged hair and restore its natural moisture and shine. The smell is chocolate, the texture is a creme jelly. Looking at the ingredients, they look decent, shea butter, avocado, B-5 to name a couple. I had a product similar in texture but got rid of if. I can only assume that this product is why the package is marked fragile because when I took the jar out of the box and opened it the jelly was broken (see below). I am someone with texture issues so I will not be trying this product.

Overall, I am not too excited with this months Curlkit. There may be a couple of products I will try. The one thing that I do love about Curlkit in general is that the products are made with natural ingredients and not animal tested.

 If you are interested in trying Curlkit follow the link below and get 10% off any order at the Curlkit shop.

Already a member? Tell me how you're liking your Curlkit. Told you it was a long one...

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