Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hair: Dr. Miracle’s Edge Holding Gel

Edge Gel
Ok so remember when I did the review on the newly re-launched Dr. Miracles products? I didn’t review them all, there were a couple of products I had left to review. The Edge Holding Gel was one of them. It is one of their new styling products.

So here is my short review on that.
First let me tell you about this “gel”. Its more of a pomade then it is a gel. I don’t know why they call it a gel. I applied it to the edges of my hair. It never really dries, further proving it is not a gel. It didn’t stay wet but it didn’t dry. It did turn white in the areas I applied it. I had to wash it out of my hair. The good thing is that it does hold.

I think marketing it as a gel when it is so obvious that it is not is part of the problem. The texture is more like a pomade, its silk like a pomade, it has the vibration of a pomade. Compared to hair gels you see on the market, it is not a gel.
Would I use this again? Perhaps. I will have to find a way to use it and it not turn white in my hair.

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