Monday, October 31, 2011

Hair: Dr. Miracle’s Relaunch

I was sent an email back in September to do an review on the newly formulated Dr. Miracle’s products. I just received them about a week and a half ago.
Here is what I got. I actually uploaded my very first Youtube vid where I am doing the review, so I am not going to go deep into it here. I will say that overall, I was not impressed. I don’t think my hair responds well to the Dr. Miracle’s products. I am going to let my MIL try them, she is having some hair issues. So I see what it does on her hair. I know people who swear by this line.
Price wise, here is a breakdown of each product and what they cost. And this is for the actual sizes I got:
Edge Holding Gel-$5.49 (2oz)
Acai Thermal Protection Styler-$5.99 (6oz)
Conditioning Shampoo-$5.99 (12oz)
Deep Conditioner-$4.99 (6oz)
Treatment Pack-$4.19 (1.75oz/pack)
Overall, I was not 100% impressed. I’ll explain why in the video. Like I said, I don’t think my hair meshes with the products. I don’t know. I will come back and do a follow up on the thermal protection and the holding gel.
Check out my first vid!!!

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