Friday, October 28, 2011

Hair: Sally Haul

Ok, so ya’ll know that I am on my OPERATION: HAIR REPAIR. So I am at the point of I will try any and every thing to get my hair back healthy. So aside from nails and hair, my other hobby is YouTube (YT). I LOVE YT, I cant think of a time before YT.
So, I had been seeing a lot of naturals and relaxed ladies talking about this line Aphogee. Now, this stuff is suppose to be miracle in a bottle, and like I said, I am willing to try anything. So I got onto their website and they have a product grid that tells you which of their products you need for what ever your hair type or problem is.
I went back and fourth on if I should buy this product, considering I just got some Dr. Miracle to review ( later post), I didn’t know if I should wait. As I was pondering…yes, pondering, I continued to watch the vids and I must say that a majority of the vids were all giving Aphogee a really great review. 

So, now let me go through the product. There are some main items in the product that are suppose to be really good. They are: Two Step Protein Treatment, Shampoo For Damaged Hair, Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor, Balancing MoisturizerDeep Moisture Shampoo, Pro-Vitamin Leave In Conditioner. Based on the grid, I needed the Moisture Shampoo, Balancing Moisturizer and the keratin. I bought the leave in just because it, itself had gotten really great reviews and for the size, it was cheap.  So here is what I got:
And nail decals. The two step is a serious protein treatment. That scared me a little. Reason being that you cant do a lot of manipulating to your hair once its dry because the protein makes it so hard you could actually break off your hair, well I have ADD and it is VERY easy for me to forget little shit like that. So I wasn’t feeling that one. Thank goodness I only needed the Keratin.
The price wasn’t bad, but I have my Sally Beauty Card and my 15% off coupon, so I think I paid a little under $30:
I don’t know what BCC price is, Im thinking it’s the Beauty Club Card and these are our new prices. But this is the Balancing Moisturizer.
This is the Deep Moisture Shampoo. This is a full size bottle. It was the pricier of all four of the items I bought.
This is the Pro-Vitamin Leave In Conditioner. Whether I paid $4.99 or $5.99, for a fill size bottle, I figured it wasn’t bad. It is extremely watery. You will have to use it in some kind of spray bottle. Im not a fan of loose conditioners, I love the really heavy, thick ones. But I will give it a try.
And this is the Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor. This is what I am really looking forward to trying.
So as you can see, they are not very expensive at all. Matter of fact, I think Sallys is running a special on the protein treatment, I think you get a free balancing. Idk, but I think that’s what I saw. I have yet to use these products. I am super excited about them. I probably wont get to them until after next week, when I am done doing the Dr. Miracle review. So with that being said, I don’t know a lot about these products, but if your interested in them you can go onto YT and just type in Aphogee. There is a hair regimen on there from Ateyaa, that I am really wanting to try on my kid. So I will try to post pics of that.
Anyways, you can get more information about this product on their site Stay tuned….

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