Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hair: Curls Unleashed

This is a first impressions product review on the product Curls Unleashed from Organic Root Stimulator. This is my first time trying anything from this line (Organic Root) so I was super excited about it. The product must be fairly new, I seen it advertise in the Sally flyer I get in the mail and had to jump on it.  They hadnt even put the product out on the shelf yet.

After seeing the product, I jumped on YT to see if someone had used and reviewed the product and there were only a couple of reviews on this product. So I had to jump on it and see what this product was all about. I didnt buy all the products in the line, I only got three.  So let me tell you about the products I got.

The first is the Sulfate Free Shampoo.
Lavish in the ultimate shampoo experience as your hair is gently cleansed, moisturized and detangles with lemon balm, rosemary and hops.
• Non-stripping
• Moisturizing
• Great Lather

This product does not strip the hair of its natural oils and is gentle enough to use daily. Packaging is BPA free and recyclable. 

Curls Unleashed™ No Restrictions™ Moisturizing Conditioner is great to use for added moisture. This product is also great for transitioning, “co-washing,” detangling and conditioning.
• Moisturizes
• Detangles
• Can be used as a daily conditioner
• Prepares curls for styling

This product provides the conditioning your hair needs and deserves to maintain healthy looking hair. Packaging is BPA free and recyclable.

Curls Unleashed™ Take Command™ Curl Crème helps shine, define and moisturize your curls without shrinkage. This product is great for twists, twist outs, coiling, freestyles and updos.
• Moisturizes
• Defines Curls
• Anti-Shrinkage
• No Flaking

This product does not flake and stretches your curls. The Take Command Curl Crème also does not contain petrolatum, mineral oil, SD alcohol, or parabens. Packaging is BPA free and recyclable.

MY REVIEW: Let's start with the shampoo. For this to be a sulfate free it lathers very well. It had a pleasant smell and my hair felt very clean. The moisturizing conditioner, I didnt mind that it was in a jar as oppose to being in a bottle, the only thing is, it is very goopy. I think the shower floor got more on it then I did in my hair. It's not thick, but it is not watery either. Other than that, it gave me a nice slip and made detangling very easy. It was very easy to get my fingers through my hair as I was rinsing the product out. The curl defining creme was by far my favorite. I wasnt so sure about it upon first glance, because it didnt feel like a creme it felt more like a jelly. I applied it and added twist to my hair for a twistout. When I took the twist out, OMG, the curls are crazy! They are well defined and I didnt have much shrinkage at all. My hair feels incredibly soft and you can feel the moisture in my hair. I was afraid that it would leave a residue because it has a different sort of texture to it and my hair was drying, but to my surprise when I took down my twist there was no residue at all.

Overall, I am happy with the products I have from this line. I really cant keep my hands out of my hair. I really like the way it feels. There are a couple of other products from the line that I want to try, so I will be getting back to you about that.  You can find the products at The products, price wise, range between $10.99-$14.99 without you beauty club card. also check out their site which looks to be fairly new, but you can see all the products from the line and what they do for your hair, the site is Oh, dont forget to "like" their facebook page as well.

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