Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hair: Kimmaytube's Leave In Conditioner

So I have been trying different things in my hair and after searching on YT I came across Kimmaytube's leave in recipe. So I decided to give it a try. Here is the recipe using the products I bought:

2 tablespoons of a silicone free leave in (KC Knot Today)
2 tablespoons of aloe vera juice (Aubrey Organic 98% Aloe Vera Juice)
2 teaspoons of castor oil (Home Health)
2 teaspoons of jojoba oil (Desert Essence 100% Jojoba Oil)

Now, of course you can use any brand of products. The point from what I gather is to maintan pH balance in the hair. I occasionally use this mix, not too often. I probably should to see if it is actually doing something, I do notice that my hair feels moisturized, but thats not surprising since there are two oils in the recipe. 

So you can try it if you havent and let me know what you think. There are a million vids on YT of people using this recipe. You can check out Kimmaytube on the YT by viewing her channel, she offers some very helpful tips on how to grow your hair.

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